Five of the Best Bread Makers

Baking has been a consistent and the most crucial part of the kitchen since time immemorial and efforts have been laid to modify is in such a manner that the baked goodies are better with every milestone. The most common thing to be baked is the bread which comes in hundreds of varieties depending on the ingredients, dough, add-ins, baking process and what not. I mean, you can eat the bread since childhood, love it, buy lots of it but still, there is a very high probability that you might be unknown to some varieties. Well, today’s post is not about the bread. It is about the thing which makes the bread; i.e. the Bread Makers.

The market is full of different types of bread makers and choosing one is really a task that is tough on your nerves. Hence, I have consulted with eco-chef to find out the best bread machines available in the market right now.

#1 Panasonic SD – YD 250

Panasonic SD – YD 250The machine is unbeatable. Producing 2.5 lb loaves, it stands at the top position because of its ultimate quality, classy build and highly reliable working. You can make rapid bread, basic bread, raisin bread, French bread, sandwich bread, dough for the doughnuts, pizza and cakes too. You can make gluten free bread too in this machine despite of the fact that the recipe book comes without any reference to the same. You can set the loaf size as M, L, or XL. The taste, colour, texture, quality and size of the loaf are really better than the other competitors.

#2 Zojirushi BB – PAC20:

Zojirushi BB – PAC20The model is a classy one and has a small heater on the top lid which is its unique feature which makes sure that the bread is heated properly from all the sides. Apart from the basic bread, french bread, whole wheat bread, cake, jam, sourdough starter and dough for the cookies, pizza, doughnuts; one can also make meatloaf in it. 13 hour delay timer is also available along with the other alarms.

#3 Cuisinart CBK-100:

Cuisinart CBK-100This is a wonderful machine in the mid price range which allows you to make your own, delicious, home baked bread almost every single day without burning a hole in your pocket. It has a delay timer of 13 hours as the zojirushi one. With a single kneading paddle, the machine keeps the design complexity at bay. You can make normal bread as well as add the fruits, nuts, cheese, seeds, and other extra ingredients in the dough to make different bread.

#4 Breville BBM 8ooXL:

Breville BBM 8ooXLThis machine has garnered very positive reviews from the users and is in the same price range as the Zojirushi and Panasonic ones. It comes with single kneading blade (two included) for kneading the dough. It has an auto-fruit/nut dispenser to add the mix-ins on its own while baking the bread. You can make the loaves of size 1lb, 1.5lb. 2lb and 2.5 lb. Hence, the machine is ideal for all family sizes.

#5 Sunbeam 5891 2-pound:

Sunbeam 5891 2-poundThis machine comes in a small and size efficient model which requires smaller space on the kitchen counters. It has 12 baking programs and the complete unit is very easy to clean. It has a non-stick baking pan which needs to be cleaned with hands. There is one defect which can break the machine – the machine tends to move all over the counter while baking and hence, you must ensure that the workspace allotted to it is enough for its movement. Apart from that, the machine is a good one in this price range.

So, pick one and start baking.