Copper Cookware Buying Guide

Copper Cookware is stylish and incorporated with various quality features. Copper is much more versatile than any other material. As it has good heat conductivity, therefore, the heat is spread throughout the pan and cooks the food evenly. Sometimes, you want to be very nimble in the control of the temperature and this can be difficult or even impossible with any other cookware except copper. This is where the copper cookware shines. Copper cookware has the ability to increase or decrease the temperature very quickly.

Copper Cookware

Copper cookware offers exceptional performance in the kitchen. So we did our research, and created this small buying guide based on The Foodista’s copper cookware buying guide, so you won’t have to do a ton of research when buying quality copper cookware.

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The cylindrical shape became the most popular due to its practical shape for stirring and because of excellent space ratio in addition to facilitating easy cleaning. Apart from this, the convex shape, in addition to its appealing look, gives its best performance when the cooking sessions are long such as braising the meal.


The thickness of the cookware must be appropriate as according to the use of an item. The pot should be solid but not heavy. While ordering the copper cookware, one must note that the products are at least 2mm or 2.5mm thick.


The copper cookware comes in both hammered and smooth finish. Earlier, hammered look meant a guarantee of handcraftsmanship but nowadays smooth finish is much more common than the hammered one.


The handles so not affect the cooking procedure but yet play a vital role. The professional cook tends to prefer the long single handle since in the professional environment, it is much more comfortable and handy. However, for the private use in the home kitchen, the customers prefer to have the 2 handles to store more easily and feel comfortable.

Copper cookware is available in various shapes and sizes which are best suited for the cooking purpose. This is quite helpful and long – lasting cookware. The best brand of copper cookware is the Mauviel. This brand is also The Foodista’s favorite, and was rated as the best copper cookware of 2016. Let us know the Mauviel a little more.

Mauviel Copper Cookware – Best Quality Features

Mauviel  CookwareMauviel is the well – known brand of the copper cookware and utilizes heavy copper in their pan construction which is the mark of premium craftsmanship. This is the perfect component that you want if you cook some foods which require precise temperature control. The features which are incorporated in the Mauviel Copper Cookware are:

Quick Dissipation with 2 layer structure:

These 2 layers corporate well with each other to offer quick dissipation of heat which not only helps to cook gently but also make the handle cool for the better grip.

Well – Designed Attractiveness:

For design and appearance, nothing appears more warm and appealing than the copper cookware would archive. Besides from the physical heat advantages, Mauviel also includes a number of finishing touches. Ergonomic handle design makes the manipulation easier when cook and allows you a better grip.

Mauviel has several product collections such as M’minis, M’tradition and M’heritage is the most popular one.

So, this is the Copper Cookware Buying Guide which surely helps the customer to make the decision of buying the copper cookware and make the kitchen superstylish and advanced.